Agapé UK Students

What’s On

We’re a community of students across the UK, from all backgrounds, who are discovering more about ourselves and exploring the big questions about life, faith and God.

Here’s some of our events coming up in the near future:

Join Agapé Students at Fireseeds!

Fireseeds is the annual gathering of Agapé Students. This year, it’ll be taking place 22-24 November 2024 in Birmingham.

Find out more and sign up for Fireseeds here.

Join an Agapé UK Global Project

Agapé UK Global Projects are an exciting adventure in discovering Jesus and helping others from another culture to find out more about Him, too. In 2024-25, will you go global?

Find out more about this year’s Global Projects here.

Discover more about Jesus

Discover more about probably the most famous person who ever lived. A person who’s still a positive source of inspiration, hope and joy to people all over the world: Jesus.

What questions do you have about Jesus?

Discover something new about Jesus today by checking out all of our resources and challenges here.

Are you studying abroad as part of your degree?

Agapé UK Study Abroad might be just the programme for you!

Make the most of your time studying overseas. Connect with a local Agapé Students movement where you’ll be studying and receive training to help you thrive in a new culture and grow in your confidence in talking about your faith.

Find out more about Agapé UK Study Abroad here.