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Are you a follower of Jesus? Would you like to grow in confidence about your faith, how to live the Christian life and how to talk about Jesus with others?

We’d love to be able to help you grow. We hope you’ll find the suggestions on this page useful.

Agapé Students at #FIRESEEDS2023

It only happens once a year, so Fireseeds is a much anticipated weekend gathering for Agapé Students to discover Jesus all-together!

This year, our get-together venue was the picturesque ...

The Exploration

If we’re really serious about trying to understand who Jesus was, the Bible is a historical source that’s got to be explored.

We’ve put together a Bible reading plan that answers the five most common questions that students in the UK have about Jesus. Join us for The Exploration and find out what the Jesus of the Bible has to say about Himself and other topics.

Click here to start The Exploration YouVersion series.

Marie* bumped into a group of students visiting Birmingham on a Global Project from the USA. The Global Project team were helping out the Birmingham Agapé Students group with the Discover Jesus campaign by using The Quiz resource on Marie’s campus.

Marie is from a Catholic background, but she’d never had the opportunity to consider the possibility of having a personal relationship with God. The students from the US invited Marie to join a The Conversation group to chat through the Discover Jesus theme questions. Marie especially enjoyed the ‘afterlife’ theme. She has also started reading the Bible for the first time in her life and has been working through The Exploration YouVersion Bible reading plans.


If, just like Marie, you’d like to grow in your confidence and understanding about your faith, Agapé Students would love to help you! Check out our recommended resources below.

*Name changed for privacy.

74% of students who currently don’t attend church regularly would go to church if a friend invited them.

Resources that we think you'll find helpful


A fun and natural way to have discussions about life and faith with friends.


Join a CONNECT group and learn about what the Bible says about how to connect with God.

SEED groups

Join a SEED group and learn more about the basics of living the Christian life.

Want to grow in your faith?

Taking intentional steps to learn more about our faith can help us in our spiritual growth. Here are some more things that you could try:

  • Fill out our mentor request form to connect with an Agapé Students staff member for one-to-one online or in-person (city dependent) spiritual mentoring.
  • Join an online or in-person Getting Started group to find out more about Agapé Students.
  • Living & Telling is another group resource designed to inspire, encourage and enable you to help others discover Jesus and to do that naturally as a way of life.