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Are you a follower of Jesus? Would you like to grow in your confidence to talk about your faith with others? Are you looking for other new and exciting opportunities to talk to others about the good news of Jesus?

We’d love to introduce you to some opportunities to help you ‘go’. We hope you’ll find the opportunities on this page exciting.

'It was amazing to see how God could use me on my year abroad'

Jemina studied Russian language at Cambridge University. When her third year arrived, it was finally time for her to embark on the adventure that is studying abroad!

During lockdown, Olivia*, a former Agapé Students Student Rep in Birmingham (now graduated), joined an online version of the Living & Telling course. She used to think that evangelism (talking about our faith) meant starting discussions about Jesus with random strangers. ‘I found that kind of terrifying!’ Olivia admits.

‘My experience of Living & Telling was SO positive!’ remembered Olivia. ‘The course content was really helpful and thought-provoking but in a really manageable way. It stripped the whole process of talking about my faith down to focussing on relationships: between me and God first and then on the relationships I have with people who don’t yet know Jesus.’

The confidence that Olivia gained from going through the Living & Telling course actually started to help her as she was talking about her faith with her good friend at university, Katy*.


Olivia and Katy eventually started studying the Bible together, and Olivia used the Knowing God Personally booklet to explain to Katy how she could become a Christian, if she wanted to.

Just over a year after Olivia and Katy started meeting, Katy decided that she was ready to put her trust in Jesus herself. ‘Woohoo!’ exclaimed Olivia, who was rather excited telling the story!

You can read Olivia’s story in more detail here.

*Names changed for privacy.

Living & Telling

Living & Telling is a ten-session video-led course that helps you to live and talk about your faith naturally as part of your everyday life.

You can find out more about Living & Telling here.

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Agapé UK Global Projects are an exciting adventure in discovering Jesus and helping others from another culture to find out more about Him, too. In 2023-24, will you go global?

GAiN UK Romania Humanitarian Project

Malta Global Project

Sierra Leone Global Project

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