We’re Agapé Students!

We’re a community of students across the UK, from all backgrounds, who are meeting new people, exploring the big questions about life and faith, and discovering Jesus together.

Agapé UK is a charity that exists to help people discover Jesus together. Agapé UK’s vision is that every person will have the opportunity to discover Jesus and live their lives to the full in relationship with Him.

Agapé Students is a part of Agapé UK. We’ve been working on UK campuses for over 50 years.

Agapé Students staff and Student Reps are passionate about inspiring, equipping and enabling students – the next generation of our country’s leaders and influencers – to explore the big questions about life and faith, and discover Jesus together.

The students in our communities are from all backgrounds: some are followers of Jesus and some are simply open to exploring more about Him. What we have in common is that we’re all discovering Jesus together.

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As we’re inspiring, equipping and enabling, our hope is that every student would be exploring and taking steps in their spiritual journeys together. Specifically, we want to help each other:

  • Discover who Jesus really is;
  • Grow in our faith in Jesus; and
  • Go to help others also discover who Jesus is.

Where can you currently find us?

Agapé Students has communities of students in 5 cities across the UK and in over 190 countries around the world. (That’s more countries than McDonald’s!) The map below shows all of the campuses in the UK where we currently have communities:

You can also see where else we have student communities in Europe here.

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Are you following Jesus and would like to help other students at your university discover Jesus, too?

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