Agapé UK Students


Agapé UK has produced loads of resources to help people to discover Jesus, to grow in confidence in their faith and in talking about their faith with other people.

Check out resources recommended by Agapé Students below. You can purchase these and discover other resources at the ARC (the Agapé UK Resource Centre).

Getting Started

Getting Started helps you to get to know Agapé Students, connect with others and grow in your faith.

Check out Getting Started here.


CONNECT is a great resource to help you learn about what the Bible says about how to connect with God.

Check out CONNECT here.


Unfilter’d is a fun and natural way to have discussions about life and faith with friends.

Check out Unfilter’d here.

SEED groups

SEED groups (Students Engaged in Evangelism and Discipleships) are a series of studies that help you to learn the basics of living the Christian life.

Check out SEED groups here.

Knowing God Personally

Why do Christians believe that Jesus is good news? What’s the Christian faith all about?

Check out the Knowing God Personally booklet here.

Living & Telling

Living & Telling is designed to inspire, encourage and enable you to help others discover Jesus and to do that naturally as a way of life.

Check out Living & Telling here.

The Life

How are we supposed to live the Christian life? What role does the Holy Spirit play in our lives?

Check out The Life booklet here.

Perspective cards

Perspective cards are a fun and engaging way to explore questions of faith, life and truth with others, and to learn more about their perspective.

Check out Perspective cards here.

The GodTools app

The GodTools app contains many different clear, concise and interactive ways to help people discover Jesus, all in the palm of your hand through your mobile phone.

Check out the GodTools app here.

The FOUR wristbands

The Four wristbands are a great conversation starter for talking about Jesus right there on your arm.

Check out The Four wristbands here.

Five in Focus

Five in Focus is prayer bookmark to remind, encourage and help you to pray for specific friends and people you know.

Check out the Five in Focus here.

The Biscuit Trail

The Biscuit Trail helps us to think about the many shapes, forms and steps involved in sharing our faith with the people we know.

Check out The Biscuit Trail here.